Bay Area Private

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The gossip, drama, and controversy relevant to the Bay Area private high school scene. Will you submit your secrets?

Natalie G. hooked up with Peter A. this weekend what will happen next?”

"The famous MC fab 5 (Sophia W., Bridget K., Maeve P., Alana L., and Ashley R.) have been spending their weekends getting wasted with upperclassmen. Majority of the group either ending up passed out or all over older guys."

if this is true (not knowing any of these people) we say go for it. sounds like the ‘fab5’ know how to have fun. maybe others should take notes?

Its interesting how much hate is being directed at this. think of the shitty people who are submitting this stuff. we don’t know any of these names or people….

"Ellie G. wants to hook up with Ben B."

- quotes will be added to indicate that for all we know these are rumors with no truth without proof

people need to keep in mind that we don’t post anything ourselves. its all from the ask box. if you find issue with these posts, look around you. think about the people who will be spreading these things whether or not this blog is in existence….

Anne L. has never gotten with a guy, drank or smoked, but she pretends she has.

Sasha Z. kicked out of art school? supposedly she won’t be returning to school any time soon.

Andi R. expelled from gateway. will school # four be her lucky one?

Kyra W. keeps it au naturale down south.

rumor has it the raucous mob has been growing restless. fights and feuds; be careful in west portal because they are moving east

the pinnacle of bay area hierarchy and self appointed importance? the school is infamous for being  elitist,  snobby and predominantly white. UHS better watch out, because Head-Royce is swiftly overtaking their pompous reputation.

Reputations always change. what once was a leading art school in this city now seems only to be seen as a disaster: drugs, fights, and steadily declining grade point average. 

Looks like (a) has a little drug problem. wont say any names but is rehab in the future?

Tricks aren’t for kids. beware when twins come out to play.